Overloadin’ (CD Single)

Written by: Amber Lily and Ben Charles, Mixed by Brian Malouf


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Overloadin’ came to Amber Lily as an inspiration during a shower. “I had to rush out of the shower to write it down before I forgot it” says Amber. After working through the main lyrics and melody, Amber turned to renowned hitmaker/producer Ben Charles to turn her vision into a hit tune, and the legendary Brian Malouf to create the final mix. Overloadin’ won a solid 91% “Keep It” rating from listeners in the Radio Disney Music Mailbag and made the Radio Disney Top 30.


Hear Overloadin' on Radio Disney

Listen to your local or Sirius/XM radio to hear Overloadin’ on Radio Disney. Then make sure to go to RadioDisney.com to request Overloadin’ to make it #1!

Available on iTunes

“Overloadin'” is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and many other digital distribution outlets.


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