Coming to Life

Written by: Amber Lily (Next To You, Top Of The World, Addicted), Simone Sello (222L8, I'm Into It, Next To You, Top Of The World, Addicted, Coming To Life, Dance With An Angel, Who's Your Girl, Gonna Be OK, I Just Have To Ask, Time Bomb, Big Boy), Rich Dickerson (222L8, I'm Into it, Dance With An Angel, Who's Your Girl, Gonna Be OK, I Just Have To Ask, Time Bomb), Gigi Meroni (Who's Your Girl), Sean Murray (Coming To Life), Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly (True Colors)


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Following the success of her hit singles “2 2 2 L8″ “Next To You” and “I’m Into It”, anticipation has been high for Amber Lily’s full-length album. The album takes it’s title from the uplifting song “Coming to Life”. “I chose it as the title song becaues it really describes where I am right now in my life and in my music,” explains Amber. The album features 13 songs, all of which are solid singles. These songs are the result of a long creative collaboration between Amber Lily, the amazing producer Simone Sello and the Grammy award-winning songwriter Rich Dickerson. The album also features a cover of Cindy Lauper’s 80’s classic “True Colors”. “I used to sing ‘True Colors’ for my dad when I was little, so it meant a lot to me to include it on the album” says Amber. “Coming To Life” is a collection of solid pop songs that has something for all ages– including several hard-driving dance songs and a number of mid-tempo pop hits.

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